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Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity. The quality of our services makes us a trusted funeral services director in Singapore.

It is often easier not to have a memorial service or funeral as it is a less expensive alternative. But we believe that everyone deserves a proper and dignified funeral, hence we offer services which can be altered accordingly to the families’ need and budget. We also have some customized packages which helps the family save time in planning for the funeral.

Our Company

Singapore Bereavement Services was founded in 1995 with a goal to provide families with memorable remembrance experiences by providing them with the best services. We offer services to families from various backgrounds and religious beliefs. Since our inception in the industry, we have been a one stop solution for funeral services (check out our new website), with our services being available around the clock.

Our pricing is transparent and itemised with a “pay for what you use” policy. We do not charge GST or have any hidden charges. A dignified departure is no longer costly and we are here to help you through this difficult time. We are equipped with the latest fleet of vehicles to ensure that your loved ones travel in dignity and style. As the saying goes, “Service Above All”.

We believe in giving back to the society and hence we offer pro-bono cases at nursing homes and hospices as everyone deserves a dignified funeral.

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Steps For Funeral Arrangements

You need to undertake the following steps before the funeral
Step 1: Contact our 24 hours hotline at  6464 9809 / 8491 9999  and our funeral consultant will get in touch with you.
Step 2: Obtain a Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD). Our funeral consultant will guide you for this.
Step 3: Our Funeral Director will then discuss the funeral arrangements with the family.
Step 4: Our service staff will send the body for cleaning, changing and makeup. Please prepare one full set of deceased’s clean clothing.
Step 5: Decide the place for cremation or burial. Once done, it is our job to book the cremation timing or burial plot.
Step 6: Bring the CCOD and IC of deceased’s and any next of kin’s to any Police Station to obtain the death certificate.
Step 7: Go to your respective Town Council to apply for void deck usage permit.
Step 8: Meet us at the Funeral Memorial Site for funeral service preparations.